4 Ways to Possibly Gamble in Texas

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Texas, as most Americans are aware, is stringent when it comes to gambling. No form of betting or casino playing is allowed in the state, and they have extended this not just for land-based organizations, but also for the ones online. As a result, traveling to Texas, or living there, for a gambling enthusiast, can be a little bit of a downer.

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One way to enjoy gambling is to holiday in Vegas or one of the states that have already legalized the option. While Texas authorities have been mulling over all the extra tax dollars they would earn by allowing gambling, for now though, there are but a few ways, or loopholes, through which an individual can enjoy it.

Take a Boat

Three land-based casinos in Texas are run on Indian-owned land, thus outside of the local laws. Still, a more fancy and fun way to enjoy a bit of card playing is through a cruise that pretty much takes you into international waters, where it is perfectly legal to play any casino game you like. These “cruises to nowhere” are a real novelty, very much like the naked cruises that put guests in a clothing-optional environment. Typically, a two-day journey, perfect for gambling, runs from Galveston and is the ideal weekend respite for adults who seek a little change from everyday life.

Fantasy League

One reason behind the success of online casinos has been their variety in gaming. Not only do they have the classics in slots, poker, blackjack, and lotteries, but they have also added fun money-making opportunities like baccarat and bingo. Lately, several online casinos are adding betting to their portfolios, and this includes eSports and fantasy league matches. Surprisingly, even though the authorities have tried a few times, fantasy leagues are still very much legal in Texas, and thus make for an entertaining gambling option that every adult can enjoy.


One of the best apps or programs to have on your phone or laptop is a VPN. It allows you to bypass the local networks and log into the internet from a distant location, anonymously. So, one way for a traveler to enjoy casino websites in Texas, which might be blocked, is to access them through a VPN. This way, you can go about playing your favorite progressive slots, video poker, or any other card game without a hitch or interruption. For locals, this can get tricky, because if they win, their rewards will end up in their bank, leading to suspicion. However, for outsiders, who bank elsewhere, this is just perfect.

Stay Quiet

Whenever we win big in an online casino, our first instinct is to tell the whole world about it. The joy of earning money while playing a game is like no other, and it should be celebrated. However, when you gamble in Texas, it’s best to keep things on the down-low. The state has fines, and it is also one of the few ones where illegal activity is punished with severity. So, when you win, just keep it to yourself, and enjoy your spoils without much fanfare.

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