Two Men Arrested for Animal Cruelty

Adam Darwish, 19, and Mahmoud Eid, 18,

The Texarkana Texas Police Department arrested Adam Darwish, 19, and Mahmoud Eid, 18, for Cruelty to Animals on Thursday afternoon after 28 French Bulldog puppies were discovered in the cargo area of their moving van.  Both men are from Houston, Texas.


Both police and animal control officers were dispatched to the parking lot of the Liberty Eylau Elementary School in the 2300 block of Buchanan Road to assist Texas Department of Public Safety Troopers after they stopped a Penske moving truck for a traffic violation.  As the troopers approached truck, they noticed that the roll gate was slightly open.  After speaking with Darwish and Eid, they discovered 14 small pet crates inside the cargo area, each containing two French Bulldog puppies.  One of the puppies was dead, and the others appeared to be in physical distress.  The troopers then notified the Texarkana Texas Police Department to take over their investigation and requested assistance from animal control officers.



There was no food or water available to the puppies in the truck, and the ambient temperature inside the cargo area was measured at 121 degrees.  Animal Control officers unloaded the remaining 27 puppies from the truck and placed them inside the school building to try to cool them off.


The surviving dogs were transported to a local veterinary clinic for treatment and are still there for observation.  The case continues to be under investigation while officers work to determine from where the dogs came and where they were ultimately headed – as well as who owns the dogs.


The puppies are not expected to be available for adoption after the investigation is completed.


Darwish and Eid were both arrested for 28 counts of Animal Cruelty and transported to the Bi-State Jail.  No bond has yet been set.