First Game Against Cane Cutters Takes a Wild Turn

Bad field conditions pose new challenge for Twins


-Written by Lincoln Revill, Director of Media Texarkana Twins

Texarkana, TX (July 21, 2020)- Due to a bit of rain, which caused unplayable mound conditions, tonight’s game between the Texarkana Twins and the Acadiana Cane Cutters looked a little different than other games this season. Because of the bad field conditions, a home run derby was held instead of the game, providing a more laid back activity for the teams.

Both teams selected 5 players for their derby lineup tonight, with 4 players and a pitcher. The Twins selected Ricardo Leonett, Casey Rother, Luis Camacho, Jose Vargas, and the pitcher was Colby Adkins. For the Cane Cutters, Marshall Skinner, Will Veillion, Jacob Burke, Mitchell Sanford, and Bailey Holstein took the challenge against the Twins. The Rules were simple: try to hit as many home runs as possible, and any contacted ball that doesn’t go over the outfield fence is an out. Each player had 10 outs to spare.

The Twins were unable to get any balls over the fence tonight, as the Cane Cutters took the overall win, defeating the Twins 11-0 in total home runs. Marshall Skinner took the home run derby, hitting 6 home runs overall, with all coming in his second round. Jacob Burke ended in second place with 4 home runs overall and 3 in the second round. Will Veillion also ended tonight with one home run in his first round.

The Twins continue this unique series with the Cane Cutters on Wednesday, July 22nd at 7:05 p.m. This is slated to be the most exciting TCL season ever, with five minor league organizations being added to the league.

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