About Us

About Us

Field Walsh – field@txktoday.com – Editor and publisher
Jordan Turner – jordan@txktoday.com – Reporter
Stephen Parker – stephen@txktoday.com – Advertising

Goals & Culture

Square World Media, LLC is a marketing and IT services company and TXKtoday.com is a real-time, local news organization.

What TXKtoday.com does is simple – we write stories that are relevant to citizens of the Texarkana and sell ads.  If you are interested in advertising with TXK Today, check out our advertising page.

Real-time, free, comprehensive, hyper-local. These are words we try to fulfill every day.

Field Walsh started this company where hard work and opportunity meet. We pride ourselves on lean strategies, failing faster, thinking big, but executing where our core goals meet value added – yes, all of those over-used marketing cliches. Square World Media, LLC prides itself on its lean philosophy. We are small and thoughtful – but a tenacious desire to be the best.

We put the reader’s interest first by being completely impartial. We do not promote personal goals over the company or over our reader’s interests. In a way, we expect our readers and vendors to be selfish. We provide them with value in exchange for their time. We strive to connect and build a community. We want to create a product so that we don’t have to sell – we want our product to speak for itself. Our content has the end-user in mind – not our company.

TXK Today's Production Desk

TXKtoday’s Production Desk at Cowhorn Creek Office

We also provide video or photo production for your ads. Our work can be found on Square World Media’s portfolio page. Please contact us for pricing.


TXK Today is a proud member of Local Independent Online News Publishers (LION) and the Online News Association (ONA).