Sex offender back in jail


A registered sex offender accused of violating sex offender registration requirements is back in the Miller County jail.

Michael Andrew MacEntee, 30, posted a $10,000 bond after being arrested at his Texarkana apartment the morning of July 20. Members of the Texarkana, Ark., Police Department conducting a routine sex offender check on MacEntee discovered he had email, Instagram and social messaging KIK accounts which had no been reported to police or his probation officer. MacEntee is currently serving a 10-year probation in Miller County for internet stalking of a child which began following a guilty plea in March 2013.

MacEntee was re-arrested Aug. 23 on a warrant stemming from a motion to revoke his probation. An active warrant exists for MacEntee in Saline County as well where he is serving a three-year term of probation for failing to register as a sex offender. Both Miller and Saline counties allege MacEntee violated reporting requirements and that he failed to notify his probation officer when he traveled to Missouri.

MacEntee’s probation in Miller County stems from improper communication between MacEntee and a member of law enforcement in Missouri whom MacEntee believed to be a 14-year-old girl. According to the motion to revoke MacEntee’s probation in Miller County, members of Homeland Security seized MacEntee’s computer equipment in August 2016 amid concern he was using online gaming to communicate with a minor female but no charges were filed. At the time of MacEntee’s arrest July 20, officials seized computer and electronic devices for a “full scan by United States Marshals Service information technology specialist and their results were not available at the time of the violation report.”

If convicted of failing to comply with sex offender reporting requirements MacEntee faces three to 10 years in prison. He could also be sentenced to prison time in Miller and Saline Counties if his probations are revoked. MacEntee is currently being held without bail in the Miller County jail.

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