AM Care Clinic Opens Two Locations in Texarkana

AMCare Clinic Waiting rooms are friendly, open and inviting for patients.

Dr. Vishwanatha Nadig, Cardiologist of 18 years, has lived in the Texarkana area for almost 4 years, and has been successfully running American Cardiology here in Texarkana.  In hopes of continuing to meet the needs of our growing community, Dr. Nadig purchased the old Lansdell practices and has reformatted their buildings and practices to create a new integrated Family Medical Practice that will offer specialty practices such as: Women’s Health Services, Pediatrics, Cardiology and more. The new clinics have been named AM Care. 

“I am a Cardiologist by trade, and in the last few months I started seeing patients from other clinics who weren’t struggling to have their needs met by other doctors in the community. It made sense for us to buy these old practices, so that we could utilize the space and begin to provide a more integrated form of care that not only provides primary care services, but other specialities as well,” said Dr. Nadig. The old clinics officially closed on July 9th, and the new AM Care Clinics opened in their place on July 12th, allowing for a seamless transition into the new AMCare Clinic so that services and practices can continue. Dr. Nadig’s practice will continue to see some of the old clinics patients however, some of their services such as pain management, will not be one their branches of practice. “Patients who are in need are welcome to come see us so that we may provide them with consultations and information about other care practices in our area,” said Dr. Nadig.

“According to my research, there is nothing in our area of East Texas that is doing anything like this. Dr. Nadig is a Cardiologist and is offering all of these other services in one place. This is a new idea for our area and I think it is going to work out really well,” said Brittany Hatridge. “We are a new concept of treatment, but we are not new to the area. We will provide services including family medicine, pediatrics and other crucial services for our patients. Thankfully, we have an incredible amount of accessibility for our patients meaning: little to no wait times, accommodations of appointments for specialty services within the same week, all while also remaining a walk-in clinic,” said Dr. Nadig.

The AM Care Clinic accepts most insurance companies, and is working to network with more to provide a wider variety of care for our community. “We have a fantastic team of providers who have a great depth of experience in pediatrics and family medicine. We want each patient to be able to see their provider, while receiving compassion and care during appointments. We are trying to recruit more pediatricians in our area so that we can continue to grow our clinic. We are also providing services for women’s health including yearly visits and some prenatal care,” said Dr. Nadig.

The new AMCare Clinics are great new resources for our community as they continue to provide COVID-19 testing, as well as same week and same day appointments for new and old patients in need of care. AM Care is also a walk-in clinic for those needing care. 

The new clinics are open 8AM-5PM Monday-Friday at the Texas location.  The Arkansas location is open 8AM-8PM Monday-Friday, and on the weekends include limited hours from 9AM-5PM. AMCare is located at 4102 Gibson Lane, Texarkana, TX, and the Arkansas clinic is located at 3939 E 9th. To reach the Texas clinic you may call (903)-255-7923, and the Arkansas clinic you can call (870)330-4385. For more information you can find AM Care on Facebook here. 

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