Man sues Shooters nightclub over assault


A Texarkana man who claims he suffered serious injury when a drunk patron attacked him at Shooters Sports Bar last year filed a civil lawsuit Thursday in Miller County.

Rocky Martin Hudson alleges he and a friend, William Bird, went to Shooters at approximately 10:45 p.m. the night of July 31, 2016, in a complaint filed on his behalf by Texarkana attorney Bruce Condit. According to the complaint, Hudson and Bird were leaving the bar after a woman complained to Shooters staff after Bird “brushed up against” her.

As Hudson and Bird were walking out, they allegedly walked past at least two bouncers as they were followed by Darrell Rutledge, who is not named as a defendant in the suit. Rutledge allegedly approached Hudson from behind in an “aggressive and menacing” manner before initiating a physical attack on Hudson which left him unconscious and seriously injured.

“At no time did Shooters Sports Bar or any of its agents or employees warn plaintiff or remove or attempt to remove Rutledge from the premises,” the complaint alleges. “Darrell Rutledge had been exhibiting loud, obnoxious behavior in Shooters Sports Bar and was clearly visibly intoxicated.”

Hudson claims Rutledge continued to beat and kick him even after he was unconscious. Hudson suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage, nasal bone fracture, cranial fracture, facial contusions, scalp lacerations, and other injuries, according to the complaint.

The complaint accuses Shooters of failing to provide adequate security and of serving alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person, Rutledge, in violation of Arkansas law.

Hudson is seeking damages for past and future medical expenses, lost wages, emotional distress, pain and suffering, attorney fees and costs of court. The case has been assigned to Circuit Judge Brent Haltom.

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