Temple Foundation CEO visits Opportunities Inc.


Dr. Wynn Rosser, the new President & CEO of the T.L.L. Temple Foundation, visited Opportunities Tuesday to tour the campus and see the impact the foundation has on the nonprofit. The Temple Foundation has given over $4 million to Opportunities for its capital campaign, Wellness Trails and land for future expansion. It also gives a yearly grant for operating support.

“Their money helps us keep our doors open year after year,” says Lisa Kern, Development Director. “The Temple Foundation is a lifeline for our children and adults.”

Dr. Rosser is in Texarkana to visit the many organizations that benefit from the TLL Temple Foundation, including Texarkana College, Texas A&M University – Texarkana, and Temple Memorial Rehabilitation Center. The foundation, founded in 1962, supports education, health, community and social services primarily in deep East Texas.