Wake Village Circle Receives Much Needed Facelift


In the six years that I have lived in the Texarkana area, so many changes have been made to the downtown area and surrounding communities. What was once a feeling of uneasiness traveling to downtown, has been replaced with feelings of hopefulness and excitement at seeing the historical buildings and architecture come back to life with new businesses and enthusiasm. New restaurants, buildings, painting structures, and tearing down condemned buildings that once lined our streets are gone, changed and improved. The changes that have been made to improve the Texarkana area has community members and travelers visiting the Texarkana area in awe of the change and improvement of the Texarkana pride that still stands. From the outside looking into the Texarkana area, it’s clear that a revitalization has occurred in the hearts and communities around the area.

Among the many changes that have come to our area included a small construction change in the heart of Wake Village last week. Crews worked for several days to revitalize and spice up the Wake Village Circle, and it looks better than ever! New landscaping has offered a glimmer of hope for the proud community, and has certainly encouraged others to make changes to local properties and homes. Homes, businesses and communities are continuing to come together for area clean-ups, and have quietly encouraged improvements to be made all throughout the Texarkana area.

While there are still many areas in the Texarkana community that could still use some love, it is clear that our community and local government have been working tirelessly to listen to the communities needs to make changes to the Texarkana area.

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