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Texarkana Regional Airport Receives Wilbur Award for Exemplary Community Leadership by an Organization

Executive Director of Aviation Paul Mehrlich receives Wilbur Award on behalf of the Texarkana Regional Airport from Kristie Dempsey Leadership Texarkana Treasurer

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The 2022 Wilbur Award for exemplary community leadership by an organization was presented to the Texarkana Regional Airport. The Texarkana Regional Airport has taken a leadership role within our community to positively impact many visitors’ first impressions of the Ark-La-Tex. The airport worked hard to keep flights going during the pandemic when many communities lost service. In addition, despite pilot shortages, the Texarkana Regional Airport successfully negotiated a new route to Houston. The airport drives economic development to the area; the new terminal will help to attract new business and create jobs. Airport staff even hosts troubled youth to inspire and educate on various opportunities in aviation.

“This is something that we are really happy with for the airport because it reflects that the staff has been doing an incredible job as well as the board,” Executive Director of Aviation Paul Mehrlich said at a Texarkana Airport Authority Board meeting.

Adding, “I think this might be the first non-chili award that we have received in quite some time.”

Leadership Texarkana’s Wilbur Awards have been given annually since 1992, in memory of community servant and historian Wilbur Smith. Celebrating the power of one to positively impact our community, the Wilbur Awards are given in three categories: honoring adults, youth, and organizations, to individuals and groups who demonstrate exemplary leadership in the community and a commitment to working together for community excellence.

CONGRATULATIONS to the team at the Texarkana Regional Airport and to Director Paul Mehrlich – and THANKS for leading the way in Texarkana USA!

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