Grand jury indicts 69-year-old for animal cruelty


A 69-year-old Texarkana man allegedly pictured in a viral social media video depicting the vicious abuse of a puppy has been indicted by a Bowie County grand jury.

LeGus Holloway is accused of striking the young dog in the face with its leash Nov. 17 after removing it from a white Mercedes sedan in the 1700 block of Kenwood in Texarkana, Texas. In a video that was shared and viewed thousands of times on Facebook, Holloway lifts the puppy by its leash, throwing it over his shoulder, strangling it.

The young Pitbull yelped in pain after being slung over Holloway’s head and slammed into the street. According to a probable cause affidavit, the puppy was treated at Wisdom Animal Clinic in Texarkana, Texas, for a fracture in its leg.

Holloway was taken into custody Nov. 25 after a woman drove him to the Bi-State Justice Center in downtown Texarkana under false pretenses. The woman gave Holloway a ride after recognizing him as he walked in the Leary, Texas, area. The woman told Holloway she needed to put some money on an inmate’s account at the jail and asked him to wait for her. The woman alerted police and Holloway was arrested.

The dog, Lady, was removed from her owner’s care following a court hearing and placed with an animal rescue organization in Austin, Texas. She is expected to fully recover.

Holloway’s case has been assigned to 202nd District Judge John Tidwell. If convicted of felony cruelty to a non-livestock animal, Holloway faces six months to two years in a state jail.

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