Texarkana man accused of making bomb threat to Bi-State Justice Building


A Texarkana man has been charged with filing a false alarm or report in connection with a bomb threat received last month at the Bi-State Justice Building.

Rex Allan Hackleman, 36, allegedly attempted to disguise his voice by using “multiple accents” during a call to the Bi-State received March 30, according to a probable cause document. The caller allegedly said he was upset at having to pay a $500 fine and “to watch fireworks coming from the bathroom next to the pay window.”

Investigators determined no $500 fines had been collected at the pay window the day of the call.

The call on March 30 was determined to have come from a 911-only phone which went through a tower near New Boston Road and Texas Blvd. A call received March 8 was also determined to have come from a 911-only phone which went through the same tower.

On March 8, the caller stated, “Do you think metal detectors are going to stop me? Check the bathrooms, my clock says 3 minutes.”

A threat received Nov. 23, 2021, was allegedly made from a phone with a local area code. A woman told investigators with Texarkana, Texas, Police Department that Hackleman drove off with her purse and cell phone in his truck. Hackleman allegedly claimed to have thrown the phone out of his truck’s window.

On Nov. 23, 2021, the caller stated, “Do you know what fertilizer can do to a building? You are about to, there is a bomb in the lobby of the Bi-State Justice Building.”

Investigators allegedly compared a recording of Hackleman’s voice to the voice on the threat calls. Hackleman was allegedly called to check in by Bowie County probation for drug tests on each of the days when threats were received. Hackleman is serving probation for credit/debit card abuse in Bowie County. Probation offices are located in the Bi-State.

Hackleman is currently being held in the Bowie County jail with bond set at $100,000.

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