Bowie County Sheriff’s Office makes arrests for vehicle burglary


Bowie County Sheriff’s Office arrested 4 people early Tuesday morning for theft of a firearm and burglary of a vehicle.

Teddrick Trayron Solomon and three juveniles were arrested for the crimes.

According to a Bowie County Sheriff’s Office press release, deputies Clint Freeman and Michelle Carrier were dispatched to a suspicious person call on Arnold Lane at 1:45 am on Tuesday. These suspicious people were walking around vehicles in the neighborhood and when confronted left the area in a silver Chevrolet Impala.

While responding to this call, Deputy Carrier located a vehicle matching this description at the EZ Mart located in the 6400 block of Richmond Road. She made contact with the four occupants of the vehicle who were found to be Teddrick Trayron Solomon and three black male juveniles. While speaking with these subjects, Deputy Carrier noticed the grip of a handgun sticking out from under the back of the driver’s seat. A key and key fob for a Dodge Ram and locked Vault Box were located while securing this firearm.

The deputies went back to Arnold and attempted to locate the vehicle these items had been taken from. They found numerous vehicles that had doors open and had been rummaged through, but did not locate the owner of the property found in the Impala on Arnold. Deputy Carrier drove around the area using the key fob in an attempt to locate the vehicle it is paired to. She was able to find it on Copper Ridge Drive. The owner of this vehicle confirmed that the recovered key, key fob and Vault Box belonged to him and provided the correct combination for the locked Vault Box. He also informed the deputies that a fifty dollar bill had also been stolen from his vehicle. A single fifty dollar bill was located in the pocket of Solomon’s pants.

The stolen handgun was later found to have been taken the same night from a vehicle on Maryland Drive.

Solomon and all three juveniles were arrested and charged with Theft of a Firearm and Burglary of a Vehicle. The three juveniles were transported to the Juvenile Detention Facility and Solomon was taken to the Bi-State Jail. Justice of the Peace Nancy Talley later set Solomon’s bonds at $10,000.00 for each charge.

At the time of this release Solomon was still in the custody of the Bi-State Jail.

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