Father receives probation in death of adult son


After hearing testimony from multiple family members of the victim and defendant in a fatal April 2020 stabbing, Bowie County District Judge Jeff Addison ordered a sentence of 10 years probation.

Elgin Hollingsworth, 50, was indicted for murder last year in the April 14, 2020, stabbing death of his son Demoryea Hollingsworth. Demoryea Hollingsworth, 25, was upset because he believed his father had taken money from him and confronted him at Elgin Hollingsworth’s home on Golden Rule Road in Texarkana, Texas.

Last week Elgin Hollingsworth pleaded guilty to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He asked that the judge determine what sentence he should receive.

At the sentencing hearing Wednesday at the Bowie County courthouse in New Boston, multiple members of the Hollingsworth family testified. The family members all asked Addison for leniency and said that keeping Elgin Hollingsworth behind bars would only increase their grief.

The victim’s mother and both grandmothers testified on behalf of Elgin Hollingsworth. One grandmother testified that Demoryea Hollingsworth told staff at the hospital where he died that he “accidentally” ran into a knife his father held.

Elgin Hollingsworth’s attorney, Richard Candler of Shreveport, Louisiana, called his client to testify last.

“I wish I wasn’t even home that day. I wish I was anywhere but there,” Elgin Hollingsworth said. “A split second can change anyone’s life.”

First Assistant District Attorney said her office agreed to to allow Elgin Hollingsworth to plead to aggravated assault after consultations with the victim’s family members and said that if a case is resolved to the family’s satisfaction it is a just result.

Addison sentenced Elgin Hollingsworth to 10 years deferred adjudication probation. He was released from custody on Wednesday.

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