Funds embezzled from Pleasant Grove Showstopper Booster Club returned


Pleasant Grove Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Jason Smith said Tuesday that all funds embezzled from the Showstopper Booster Club have been returned.

“The Showstopper Booster Club Executive Board identified the misappropriation of funds and took quick action to notify the appropriate personnel,” Smith said. “Due to this action, all of the identified missing funds have been restored. The booster club has ensued better accounting practices as a result. Booster club accounts do not contain state or local funds and are not managed by district personnel. We take pride in our student organizations at PGISD and the legacy of achievement they always strive to surpass. The community support that our student organizations receive is vital to their success and longevity.”

The thefts began in August 2017. According to a letter of apology reportedly written by the treasurer, Nikki May, she altered accounting records by not recording cash deposits and by making ATM withdrawals from a club account. Missing cash fundraising deposits not recorded allegedly total $11,241.72 and May allegedly converted $49,495 in club funds to her personal use through 167 separate ATM withdrawals. Those amounts were reported at a recent booster club board meeting.

“Over the course of the last 15 months I took a substantial amount of the Showstopper’s money. Not only did I put the girls’ trip at risk which you all spend a lot of time making possible, I also put the reputation of the Showstoppers at risk,” May’s letter states. “The many donations from our families, businesses, and community could have been affected by my actions.”

May goes on to thank “Showstoppers Moms/Mrs. Depriest” for allowing her to return to money and apologizes for “pretty much lying to your face over the last year.”

Texarkana, Texas, Police Dept. Spokesman Shawn Vaughn would not comment on the case other than to say a report concerning the missing funds was filed Nov. 28 and the department is investigating felony theft of property over $20,000 and under $100,000.

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