Man accused of shooting at neighbor indicted


A Texarkana, Texas, man accused of shooting a rifle at his neighbor has been indicted by a Bowie County grand jury.

James Bailey, 37, was indicted last week for deadly conduct for allegedly firing multiple rounds from a rifle March 26 at his neighbor in the 1200 block of West 5th Street, according to a probable cause affidavit. Police who responded noticed the glass on a porch door to Bailey’s home was shattered and shards of glass could be seen on the home’s walkway and in the yard. A large caliber rifle casing was discovered on the top step of the porch.

Bailey was allegedly standing at a door, holding a set of keys, when Officer Scott Lillis approached with his gun drawn and ordered Bailey to show his hands.

“Bailey appeared to be attempting to unlock the front porch door and fumbling with the keys,” the affidavit states. “As I was watching James fumble with his keys and ordering him to step out I discovered the porch door was slightly ajar and not locked.”

At that moment, Bailey allegedly moved toward the interior of the home, prompting the officer to quickly enter the house and make contact with Bailey. Bailey resisted the efforts of Lillis and a second officer to place him in handcuffs during a scuffle. Eventually Bailey was cuffed and placed in a patrol car.

One of Bailey’s neighbors told officers he was enjoying a beer on his porch when he heard the sound of gunshots and was struck by some type of debris. The neighbor and his adult son, who had just driven up when the shooting began, took cover on the ground around the house and called for help.

The neighbor told officers that Bailey is “pretty paranoid” and is “always accusing him of messing with his daughter.” The neighbor said Bailey has accused him of keeping his daughter hidden in his house. The neighbor said he has never met Bailey’s daughter.

Bailey was indicted last week for deadly conduct, a third-degree felony for which Bailey could receive two to 10 years in prison if convicted.

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