Man accused of trafficking crack cocaine indicted by feds


A Texarkana, Ark., man accused of dealing crack cocaine in the Texarkana area has been indicted by a federal grand jury.

Aundra “Dre” Holmes, 38, pleaded not guilty to all four counts listed in an indictment accusing him of selling crack cocaine at a hearing Tuesday in the Texarkana Divsion of the Western District of Arkansas. Holmes is also facing new criminal chargse and a probation revocation in Miller County.

Holmes was sentenced to 10 years probation in Miller County in 2011 for drug offenses. After being arrested and charged at the state level in May for allegedly possessing drugs with the intent to distribute them, a motion to revoke his probation was filed. The motion to revoke alleges Holmes has repeatedly tested positively for cocaine, that he has missed appointments with his probation officer and that he has committed new crimes.

According to the motion to revoke, Holmes is currently receiving disability benefits. Holmes allegedly has supplemented that income by dealing crack cocaine. According to the federal indictment, Holmes sold up to an ounce of crack cocaine during recorded transactions with confidential sources July 24, July 28, Aug. 10 and Aug. 15. During one of the alleged transactions, Holmes is accused of selling crack and powder cocaine.

A mobile home in the 3400 block of Creek Bend Lane where Holmes allegedly conducted his illegal business was searched in August by federal authorities, according to federal court records. Holmes’ federal case is scheduled for a jury trial Oct. 31. He is scheduled to appear in Miller County Circuit Court on the state charges and probation revocation next month also.

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