Man and woman indicted in attempted hold-up of Ellis Pottery


A man accused of attempting a gunpoint robbery of a local gardening and plant store and a woman who allegedly waited outside for him in a car were indicted for aggravated robbery Thursday by a grand jury in Bowie County, Texas.

Brandon Lee Staggs, 26, and Toni Jo Works, 37, face five to 99 years or life in prison if convicted in connection with an attempt to rob Ellis Pottery on Texas Blvd. in Texarkana, Texas, on Nov. 25.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Works allegedly waited outside the store in a car shortly after closing time while Staggs allegedly went inside an open dock door in the back with a white cloth covering his face and a shotgun in his hands. Two store employees who were in the manager’s office locked the door when they saw the man with a shotgun coming but the man, later identified as Staggs, struck the door numerous times and made his way inside.

With the shotgun pointed at his face, one of the men handed over some dollar bills and offered to get more money from a safe in the front of the business. As the two walked, the Ellis Pottery employee was able to grab the shotgun and began struggling with the assailant. The second employee armed himself with his personal handgun and joined the struggle.

Police take Brandon Staggs, 25, of Texarkana into custody (photo by Field Walsh | TXK Today)
One of the employees was able to wrestle the long gun away from the robber. During the struggle, two rounds were discharged from the handgun but nobody was shot. One of the employees maintained control of Staggs while the other called police and later let them inside.

Surveillance video allegedly showed Staggs climbing a fence on the southeast side of Ellis Pottery. Works was allegedly located outside the store by police and taken into custody.

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