Man gets 10-year sentence for rape in Miller County


A Miller County jury sentenced a man to 10 years in prison Friday after finding him guilty of raping a former girlfriend in 2013.

A jury of four women and eight men found Cain guilty of forcible rape after deliberating for under 15 minutes Friday morning. They deliberated for more than five hours Thursday before being placed in an evening recess by Circuit Judge Brent Haltom.

The victim testified Wednesday that had ended a short dating relationship with Cain in 2012 because of his controlling nature and secretive mannerisms. She said she was surprised to find it was Cain at her door Jan. 5, 2013, because she hadn’t seen or spoken to him in weeks and had deleted his information from her phone. The woman said she opened the door to her apartment without looking through the peephole because she was expecting a female friend visiting from out of town.

The woman said she reluctantly allowed Cain into her living room in hopes that a brief conversation would end with his departure. Thinking it might make clear to him her disintererst, the woman told Cain she was seeing someone new.

Cain took the woman by her wrists and led her to a bedroom where he forced himself on her. The victim said she sobbed and repeated the word, “No,” many times during the assault.

The woman testified that Cain told her the assault wasn’t rape because they had engaged in consensual sex in the past. After Cain left, the woman spoke to a friend who encouraged her to call police, which she did. Evidence collected from the woman’s body during a sexual assault examination at Saint Michael’s Hospital in Texarkana included Cain’s DNA profile.

Cain’s arrest in the case was delayed because of confusion surrounding his identity. Texarkana, Ark., Detective Paul Nall testified that he spoke with Frederick Cain several days after the allegation was made. Nall said Frederick Cain identified himself as his younger brother, Frederico Cain, and provided the younger brother’s date of birth.

The younger brother, Frederico Cain, was arrested in 2014 and extradited to Arkansas in November 2014. After meeting with Frederico Cain, Nall realized he had the wrong man and a warrant was obtained for Frederick Cain. Frederick Cain was arrested and extradited to Arkansas in November 2015.

Cain was represented by Texarkana defense attorney Jeff Harrelson. Deputy Prosecuting Attorneys Connie Mitchell and Kristian Robertson prosecuted Cain.

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