Miller County judge gives man 100 years


A Texarkana man who was arrested for stealing just a few months after being placed on probation for 20 felonies was sentenced to 100 years in prison this month by a Miller County Circuit Judge.

Doriane Clentail Norton, 39, pleaded guilty to 18 counts of breaking and entering and two counts of theft of property in May 2016. Norton broke into numerous cars and stole items he found inside such as phones, electronics, identifications, credit/debit cards, golf clubs, sunglasses, tools, pocket knives and more. Circuit Judge Brent Haltom placed Norton on 19, six-year terms of probation and one, ten-year term, and ordered the probated sentences to run concurrently, according to court records.

Just a few months later, in August 2016, Norton was again arrested for breaking and entering. At the end of a hearing Sept. 14, Haltom revoked all 20 of Norton’s probations and sentenced him to one 10-year prison sentence and 15 six-year prison sentences, all of which he ordered to run consecutively for a total 100-year prison term.

Haltom ordered six-year terms of suspended sentences on the remaining four probations to run concurrently to each other but consecutive to the lengthy prison sentence. Norton could be paroled after serving about a fourth of the prison sentence.

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