Snapchat posts lead to drug arrests


Posts on the popular social media app Snapchat resulted in the arrests of two Friday at a residence in Texarkana, Ark.

Investigators with a local drug task force received information Thursday that 18-year-old Callie Brown was posting about illegal drugs for sale. One of the investigators sent a friend request and began monitoring the posts that day, according to a search warrant affidavit.

Posts on the account allegedly included photos of Brown as well as photos of THC oil pens, THC wax, Xanax and Ecstasy. An investigator messaged the account and asked to purchase a THC vaporizer cartridge. After discussing logistics and a price of $60 for the cartridge, investigators traveled to the house in the 7400 block of Sanderson Lane to make the transaction.

Brown and 19-year-old Michael McKee Blair allegedly exited the house and approached the unmarked car with the officers inside. Officers quickly detained both Brown and Blair. Brown allegedly had a THC vaporizer cartridge hidden in the waistband of her pants while Blair allegedly had a bag in his pocket containing Xanax bars.

Brown or Blair allegedly claimed there was no other person inside the house, but when officers knocked, a man came to the door. That man was detained and the house secured. Officers allegedly observed marijuana, a grinder for use with marijuana and a set of scales in plain view. The home allegedly smelled strongly of marijuana.

Since the date of the arrests, investigators have acquired search warrants for the house and for cell phones belonging to Blair and Brown. Documents including a list of what was seized from the home during the search have not been filed.

Brown and Blair are both being held in the Miller County jail. Brown is currently serving a misdemeanor term of probation for possession of marijuana in Bowie County. She pleaded guilty May 20 and received a 12-month term.

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