Teacher Arrested For Allegedly Taking Pictures of Boy in Restroom


The Texarkana Texas Police Department arrested Shane Jones, 31, of Texarkana Arkansas, today for Invasive Visual Recording.

Officers were called to the J.C. Penny store in Central Mall on Saturday afternoon after an eleven year old boy told his father that a man had taken his picture while he was in the restroom. He said that he saw the man in the adjoining stall slip his phone camera under the stall divider and take his picture. The father sent his son to notify store employees of what had happened, while he ensured that the man did not flee the restroom. When officers arrived, they met with Jones, the victim, and his parents were waiting in a break room. Jones denied having taken any pictures of the victim and allowed officers to inspect his phone. While there were no pictures of the victim found, officers noted that there were numerous head shot pictures of other children, whom Jones said were his students. Jones was released at the scene with the understanding that detectives would be investigating his alleged actions. The phone was taken as evidence to forensically determine if there were any deleted pictures of the victim.

Detective Tabitha Smith contacted Jones his morning and asked him to come to the police department. Based upon evidence obtained during an interview with him, Jones was arrested and escorted up to the Bi-State Jail without incidence.

According to an e-mail sent to the parents of Trinity Christian School students Jones was a teacher at the school. According to the email Jones was terminated by the School Monday morning.

Bond has not yet been set in this case.

via www.trinitywarriors.org

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