Two Bowie County Correctional Officers Arrested in Excessive Force Incident


Two Bowie County Correctional Officers are in custody after being investigated for an alleged excessive use of force incident.

According to a press release, On June 30, 2020 the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office was notified by the administrative staff of the Bowie County Jail of a use of force they had reviewed that was excessive. The information about this use of force and an accompanying video was provided to the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office for review.

Upon review of the material submitted, it appears that Correctional Officers Sergeant David Crawford and Captain Stuart Boozer responded to a single occupancy cell to move an inmate from this cell to another location. When they entered the cell the inmate and Sergeant Crawford appear have an exchange of words. During this exchange Sergeant Crawford strikes the inmate multiple times with a closed fist.

Captain Boozer attempted to restrain the inmate who did not appear to actively fighting them. Sergeant Crawford continued to strike the inmate while he was being restrained by Captain Boozer.

A short time later the inmate is on his feet again and Captain Boozer appears to be having a verbal exchange with him after which a second altercation takes places. During this portion of the incident the inmate is restrained from behind by Captain Boozer in a head restraint while Sergeant Crawford can again be seen punching the inmate repeatedly.
The reports submitted by both Captain Boozer and Sergeant Crawford did not match what was observed on the video. Warrants of arrests were prepared and issued for Official Oppression and Tampering with a Government Record for both David Crawford and Stuart Boozer.

They both voluntarily surrendered themselves for these warrants and were arrested. Bond was set at $15,000.00 for each charge and both subjects had bonded out of jail at the time of this release.

Their employment at the jail has been terminated.

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