Asian Inspired Tacos Helped JR’s Catering Become One of Texarkana’s Favorite

Variety of Options Available at JR’s

JR’s Catering Company is owned and operated by local Texarkana residents James Atchley and best friend Romeo Cross. While they own the business they both give a ton of credit to James’ wife, Rachel, for her ability to manage the business. JR’s is well known for their different take and flavor profile for the food they prepare, but they are doing much more for our community than providing delicious Asian inspired tacos. JR’s has been working towards showing our community how working together can create a healthy environment for friends and family to gather around and eat down home cooking, while keeping it local. 

James and Romeo have been friends since 2007, and when they first became friends, Romeo encouraged James to learn how to BBQ. He perfected his BBQ skills over the next 11 years. In 2018 the pair dreamed of bringing a food truck to the Texarkana area. While James’s roots were deeply planted in the BBQ they both agreed they wanted to do something different. “In 2018, we purchased our food truck together and started hitting different festivals and events. Knowing we wanted to do something different we continued to try and cook different things. One year we ended up at the Mistletoe Market, the first year it was held at the Texarkana Arkansas Convention Center, and we served our famous Asian inspired tacos. We can’t tell you what the event meant to us. It was the first-time people kept coming up to us and asking ‘Are you the taco guys everyone inside is talking about?’ We just looked at each other at that moment and realized, this was our thing, and we have continued to do it since,” said James and Romeo. 

James, Romeo and Rachel don’t run the food truck full time, in fact they all have completely different jobs in and around the Texarkana area. JR’s Catering Company has become something that each of them has invested their time and energy into over the last few years with their friends, family, and kids and they are hopeful that when they are ready to retire from their day jobs, that their Catering Company can be something they do for pleasure in the future. “In the future we would love to see us creating a sort of food truck court area. Where customers can come and sit down with lots of tables and chairs, lights and TV’s,” said James and Romeo. The idea for this really became apparent for the company after the fair this past year. JR’s took over the old Genoa Building at the Fair Grounds during the Fair, and set up an area with tables, chairs and music for guests to enjoy. After just one day at the fair, they had to call in reinforcements to bring additional tables and chairs, because guests were swarming the area wanting to take part in the environment they had created. 

JR’s Catering Company is one of the first in our area to present Asian inspired tacos to Texarkana residents. Their special blend of spices, meats and secret ingredients have proved to be successful for all of those visiting. “They are some of the best tacos I have ever had,” said local food truck owner Tyler Traut. “One of our sayings is ‘Good Friends, Good Food, and Good Times’,” said James. In fact, family and friends have become a staple for their company. When they were trying to figure out what recipes to use, and practicing cooking different techniques, they invited a group of family and friends over to their house to do a taste test. “We served four different types of tacos to our friends and family. We had them try them all, and we went through and used their input to create our famous tacos,” said James. 

Although their tacos are some of the best in town, they are also known for their catering company that can be hired for special events, including weddings. “We do much more than tacos,” said James. “We have a completely different menu that we use for catering. In the past we have done shrimp boils, fish fries, and we still do BBQ sometimes. This year for a local Christmas party we have been asked to do ribeyes, and we are so excited to continue to share the vast menu we have with the Texarkana community,” said James. 

JR’s became well known for their location last year in downtown Texarkana at the Crossties Event Center.  However in the last few months they have begun to pop-up in different areas around Texarkana. “We still come down to Crossties when there are events, but we have also started going around town and visiting different areas to continue to reach different parts of our community,” said James. JR’s Catering Company is definitely something you need to try. If you want to keep up with JR’s Catering Company you can visit their Facebook page to figure out where they will be next. To hire JR’s Catering Company to come out for an event please call (903) 277-1361 or (903)733-0495 for pricing and information. 

JR’s Offers More than Just Tacos

JR’s Catering Company has provided TxkToday with their tentative September schedule where you can find them around town! Sept 3, 2021 11AM-2PM Farmers Bank E9th (near Cooper Tire). Sept 4, 2021 11AM-3PM McVay’s Exxon (24th/ Stateline).  Sept 4, 2021 6PM till Closing they can be found at the  DC Curry Comedy Show Crossties Event Venue (set up at the corner of E Broad/Walnut). Sept 11 2021 All Day TYSA 9/11 Softball Tournament-Ermer Dansby Poindexter Sport Complex (Hobo). Sept 17th 2021 11AM-2PM Farmers Bank E9th (near Cooper Tire). Sept 18th, 2021 10AM-5PM Food Truck Festival Downtown Texarkana Arkansas. Sept 24th, 2021 10AM-5PM Food Truck Extravaganza Trailhead Park New Boston, Texas. Sept 25, 2021 Kickball Tournament @ Texarkana Arkansas Boys and Girls Club.

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