Kyoto Teriyaki Opens on State Line


A new Japanese restaurant is now open on State Line Ave. in Texarkana.

Kyoto Teriyaki opened for business on Wednesday at 3520 N. State Line in the old Tina’s Wig World building.
According to co-owner Jung Kim, Kyoto Teriyaki was created as a response to the lack of teriyaki cuisine in Texarkana. After a trip to Seattle and its extensive teriyaki locations that serve healthy and tasty dishes, she was inspired to create a restaurant where she can put her own unique spin on teriyaki.

chicken katsu
The menu includes multiple teriyaki dishes, fried rice, beef short ribs, and chicken katsu among other dishes.

Kyoto Teriyaki is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily except Sunday when they are closed all day.

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