New Boston Police Seize $40,000 From Interstate 30 Motorist


The New Boston Police Department confiscated $40,000 from a driver on Interstate 30 Tuesday evening.

On Tuesday, May 12 at approximately 7:43 p.m., a New Boston Police Department narcotics officer was working criminal interdiction. The officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for an obstructed license plate near the 201 mile marker on Interstate 30 west bound. During the stop the officer observed signs of criminal behavior and began to investigate.

It was learned that the sole occupant of the vehicle was in possession of a large amount of currency. According to police, K9 Bentley conducted a sniff of the vehicle and alerted to narcotics on the money.
According to New Boston Police, it was determined the money was being transported to the U.S./Mexico border region and it is believed the money was obtained through illegal means.

Approximately $40,000 was seized and the driver of the vehicle was arrested for money laundering greater than $30,000 less than $150,000. The investigation continues.

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