Affordable Valentine’s Day Massage Packages at Sanctuary by HealthCARE Express


Finding imaginative gifts that express sincere caring for your loved one can be challenging. There is nothing like being pampered. The gift of touch, offered through massage therapy, can be a great surprise. The Sanctuary by HealthCARE Express has affordable Valentine’s Day Massage packages for all budgets.

The Back Massage special is extremely cost friendly. For $20, your love one would receive a 30 minute back massage. Back massages are not only relaxing but they can reduce migraines, prevent anxiety and depression and may reduce the need for pain killers.

For $40, you can pamper your Valentine with a 45 minute Neck, Back and Shoulder massage. Reeve’s Ingram, massage therapist at The Sanctuary, says this massage allows the body to unwind and improves elasticity of the skin and the muscles.

Hot Stone Massages gives calmness to the mind, and helps you to go into a state of deep meditation. Meditation helps the body to rejuvenate and re-energize the body says Ingram. This massage is perfect to indulge your sweetie and it has a sweet price of $60.

The combination of a Deep Pore Cleansing Facial and a Swedish Massage can be the answer to anyone’s dreams of relaxation. At The Sanctuary, they are offering this combo for only $100. Besides dazzling your love, this combination helps you look and feel youthful by relaxing your body and reducing wrinkles and fine line.

These wonderful specials can be purchase as gift certificates or used to book an appointment until February 28, 2015 at The Sanctuary by HealthCARE Express. They are located at 3502 Richmond Rd and can be reach by phone at 903-334-8661.

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