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Leaving the house is not always simple for a busy mom of three. Thankfully for Sarah Duch, there has been a career opportunity that has proven to be effective from the comfort of her home and with only a little help from social media.

This opportunity has allowed Duch to earn substantial income, spend time at home with her husband and children while also being able to provide a great product to people all over the country. Overall, this opportunity has exceeded all of her expectations.

Sarah Duch is Director for Usborne Books & More, a children’s book company that is largely popular in the U.K. and quickly growing in the United States; offering more than 2,000 book titles, ranging from nursery rhyme books to young adult coming of age books.

This career journey began when Duch was invited by a friend and Usborne consultant, to a demo event on Facebook. During these events, which people can attend with a simple click at their computer, the host shows video demos showing different books geared toward different ages.

After being invited and prior to attending the event, Duch was hesitant. “I had many books at home on the shelves just collecting dust” explained Duch, “my toddlers did not read and I didn’t think these would be any different.”

However, Duch attended the Facebook event and after seeing a few of the demos, her mind was changed instantly. Duch was able to see what made Usborne special and different than any other book company. “The books have a little extra, they are more engaging than other books,” Duch explained. “My toddlers did not read before these and they are completely enthralled by these books.”

Usborne carries a wide variety of captivating books, beginning from nursery rhyme books and advancing all the way up to young adult chapter book series. These books captivate young readers with pages of different textures, flaps, colors, and even pages with hidden illustrations that can be revealed with the use of a flashlight.

Duch joined the company in August and since then hosted multiple Usborne events on Facebook, quickly moving her way up to the top teer. Duch has been able to earn more than just an income and time at home; Usborne also honors its consultants’ dedication and hard work with multiple rewards. “I earned a free cruise for me and my husband and the flights to get there” said Duch. “They do a different trip every year, I think last time it was Ireland.”

Usborne is a growing company and currently has 20,000 consultants in the United States. However, due to the high demand of books, Duch explained their need to expand and acquire more consultants in the area.

“This is a great company. We have a great CEO and a great home office” explained Duch. She went on to explain that this company does not require its consultants to have any kind of degree or be a professional salesman.

The demos are shown by consultants who create an event on Facebook, through which their prospective costumers can see the products. This also allows for a larger volume of people to be able to access the event and later make a purchase. Usborne allows consultants to build their confidence and sell at their own pace, never demanding monthly minimums nor requesting them to sign any sort of contract. “If you want to take a couple of months off, theres no penalty” said Duch.

Becoming an Usborne consultant and quickly advancing to Director has resulted in an incredible and rewarding career for Duch, who encourages people to look into the company. Duch trains multiple girls who have joined the business, some of which have full-time jobs, some have college degrees and others are stay at home moms. “A lot of people say they’re too busy but then they join and then take off, becoming very successful, very quickly” said Duch.

Usborne not only adapts to a variety of individuals when it comes to their consultants but it does this in their appeal to different customers as well. One can purchase a book for as low as $4.99 or place a $200 order. “It applies to so many income levels” said 29- year-old Duch.

For more information about becoming a consultant or purchasing books contact Sarah Duch at sarahmduch@gmail.com or visit Usbornesarah.com

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