Amanda Bowers, Gathering of Authors Speaks at Board of Directors Meeting

Amanda Bowers, Gathering of Authors (Photo by Dylan McNiel | TXK Today)

The Texarkana, Arkansas Board of Directors held its regular meeting Monday, October 2, 2017 at City Hall.

During the open minutes of the regularly scheduled meeting, Amanda Bowers, a citizen of Texarkana, approached the board to discuss the issue of misappropriation of funds by the Advertising and Promotion commission and was granted 5 minutes.

The Advertising and Promotion commission was establish for promoting tourism and hospitality industries in Texarkana, Arkansas. Bowers was representing The Gathering of Authors, which is a local charitable organization that promotes childhood literacy and supports St. Jude’s and Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

They had filed formal complaints with the Arkansas Attorney General’s office, the City Manager’s office, and with the City of Texarkana, Arkansas because they believe there are multiple misappropriations of the board’s giving of funds to various entities.

“It appears that the A & P commission has dispersed over $350,000 over the past year without the full support of all of its commissioned members,” said Bowers, “and additionally may have violated some ethical standards and practices of their offices.”

She recalled the September 11, 2017 meeting where commissioner Dennington asked their attorney Josh Potter to clarify their “vague” bylaws regaurding practices that had taken place before attaining to permission funding requests.

“By this interpretation of that commission’s adopted bylaws that $350,000 was illegally distributed,” stated Bowers.

Throughout her 5 minutes Board Member Laney Harris was seen chuckling several time. Harris was a former part of the A & P Commission.

“All we are looking for is that there are clear, concise, and standard practices that everyone is held to,” commented Bower after the meeting, “All were looking for is the same treatment as everyone else.”

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