Annexation Frustration

A map the study areas the City of Texarkana, Texas intends to annex

Residents listed in 7 locations outlined by the City of Texarkana, Texas, David Orr, Director of Planning and Community Development, received notification of the City Council’s intention to annex their property on June 04, 2018, with voting on August 13, 2018.


The City held two public meetings in compliance with state law. “Both times the room were filled to capacity in excess of a hundred people and no one was in favor of it,” said Charles Moulton. Voting by the City Council for possible annexation is scheduled for August 13, 2018, at City Hall, 6:00 PM.

The letter included a link that explained the services the residents would benefit from once being part of the City, including lower water rates, better fire protection, and some will receive lower home insurance rates compared to non-city residents.

Despite potential benefits, residents are concerned with their increased tax liability, city regulations, and other additions that would impede their current, long established lifestyle.  For instance, retired teacher and property owner Glen Wile explained that burning permits are $1,000 per burn.

One common thread was the fear of tax increases. Moulton explained how much his new taxi liability would be if the annexation is approved. “Divide by 100 and multiple by $0.70, tax liability to the city alone would be $1800/ year, retired teacher income.”


Collectively, the residents of Gin Rd submitted a letter to the offices of Governor Greg Abbott, Texas State Senator District 1 Bryan Hughes, and Texas State House Representative District 1 Gary VanDeaver on July 31, 2018.


Their grievances were outlined, explaining the outstanding overreach of power by local government.  Lynn Kuznoff, 21 Leggett Drive, composed a letter to the Editor of the Texarkana Gazette explaining the additional regulations and ordinances would produce further stress and difficulty for residents in the proposed annex areas.


Some of the residents explained regulations include mandatory connection to sewer services through the City, added expense of connecting to City water, and increased taxes.


“We are being annexed by a City council we did not elect.  We are being asked to assume City debt that we did not incur and we have no say so in the matter.”

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