Anti Alcohol Group Accused of Ethics Violations


It’s Our Time Texarkana, the committee spearheading the vote for allowing beer and wine to be sold in Texarkana, Texas is filing a complaint with  the Texas Ethics Commission for violations committed by Texarkana Strong.

A statement released by Our Time Texarkana says that Texarkana United for All  and Texarkana Strong were both required to file required campaign finance reports Monday. However, Texarkana Strong only filed the front page and the expenditures page – failing to disclose where $30,000 in contributions came from, which is against the law. The group also filed the report early, potentially leaving out thousands more in contributions that should have been included.

“Pastor Isaac Pitre, tell your campaign treasurer to stop breaking the law,” said It’s Our Time – Texarkana, Texas, Committee Treasurer Derrick McGary. “We want you to be honest with taxpayers and show them where the money is coming from and who is supporting your so- called morality campaign.”

In the last three elections, opposition groups, which included some of these same contributors, gave and accepted nearly $312,000 in reported monies from Arkansas Liquor Stores and interests. We think it is hypocritical for Liquor store owners to contribute money against Texans and for Texas Ministers to take liquor store monies to tell Texans to ‘vote no’ said It’s our Time Texarkana.

“It’s Our Time Texarkana will be filing a complaint with the Texas Ethics Commission for violations committed by Texarkana Strong,” said McGary.

“Texarkana Strong is continuing to hide the identities of the businesses or individuals who gave more than $30,000 to the political action committee created by Pastor Isaac Pitre.”

McGary continues, “In addition, we will be asking the Texas Ethics Commission to investigate if the group collected any other monies that should have also been reported, as the group turned in the incomplete report 5 days early.”


Campaign Finance Reports—All Reports are to be Filed with the Respective City Secretary in Texarkana and/or Wake Village


Download Texarkana United For All Campaign Finance Reports .pdf

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