Anti Beer & Wine Ad Draws Criticism


New radio ads by beer and wine opponents claim that if voters approve sales in Texarkana, Texas, families will see a steep jump in income taxes for those who live in Texas and work in Arkansas.

But one Arkansas state official calls this an “election gimmick” and says he would fight such a proposal if it ever became an issue.

“As Chair of the Arkansas State Revenue and Tax committee, I am not aware of efforts or discussions to change current law nor am I aware of a per family calculation on how much revenue would be lost if the issue passed,” reads a statement from Arkansas State Senator Jake Files.  “Any change in the Texarkana Income Tax Exemption would have to come before my committee, and I have heard of no attempts to change current law….”

The letter goes on to state that Files would fight against any repeal of this exemption. As a result, the It’s Our Time – Texarkana, Texas Committee is calling for Texarkana United for All to stop running these false advertisements immediately. “This is clearly a lie crafted by the opposition that is designed to scare voters,” said It’s Our Time – Texarkana, Texas, Committee Treasurer Derrick McGary.

Texarkana United for All claims that the loss of sales tax revenue will lead to other Arkansas cities to complain about the unfair advantage afforded to Texarkana, Arkansas.

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