Approval of Proposition 7 Enables TxDOT to Continue Improvements


The approval of Proposition 7 (Prop. 7) by Texas voters is further evidence that transportation is an essential priority for citizens of the state. The overwhelming majority (more than 80 percent) of votes cast in support of Prop. 7 added momentum toward establishing reliable funding to meet continually growing transportation needs.

“We are grateful to Governor Abbott and the Legislature for making transportation a priority and giving Texans a chance to approve this measure that will ultimately help all of us get around our great state much easier,” said Texas Transportation Commission Chairman Tryon Lewis. “Now that the people of Texas have spoken, the Texas Transportation Commission stands ready to work with local leaders, communities and planning organizations to deliver roadway projects that are needed to ease congestion, address safety and maintain our extensive transportation system.”

The additional funding from Prop. 7 will enable TxDOT to put a greater focus on infrastructure improvements without new taxes, tolls, fees or debt. Starting in 2018, once state sales tax revenue exceeds $28 billion in a fiscal year, the next $2.5 billion of revenue will be directed to the State Highway Fund. Then, beginning in 2020, 35 percent of the state motor vehicle sales and rental tax revenue in excess of $5 billion will be directed to the State Highway Fund.

“Texans want and deserve a safe, first class highway system,” said State Senate Transportation Chairman Robert Nichols. “Voters have made an investment in our state’s economic future by supporting Proposition 7 and ensuring our state’s highway system will be able to keep up with our increasing population and booming economy. With this funding, TxDOT will have a predictable revenue stream with which they will be able to implement long-range transportation plans for our state.”

As voters entrust more funding to highways, TxDOT continues its commitment to delivering needed roadway projects. Since last November when voters approved Proposition 1, which added a portion of state oil/gas taxes to the highway fund, TxDOT has awarded more than 125 projects to help ease congestion, maintain our system and improve the safety of roadways across Texas.

For more information, contact TxDOT Media Relations at or (512) 463-8700.

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