Athleticism, Leadership, and a Lot of Fun, XLR8 Will Whip You in Shape

Dave Welch and Davion Hall encourage Beau and Whit Haynes during their personal training. (Photo by Erin Rogers | TXK Today)

There is a not-so-hidden gem in Texarkana, Texas, at 5610 Richmond Road, called XLR8, Xcelerate Atheltix.  The full sports performance training focuses on speed, agility, strength and conditioning for athletes and those wishing to shape up.  Dave Welch, Director of XLR8 Athletix and Personal Training, offers unique programs to help athletes level up, feel their best, and have the confidence to be a  leader.


Welch played for the Australian Junior Baseball Team in Sydney, Australia, and was blessed to be able to travel to Canada and play in the world cup of baseball.  His performance garnered the attention of many colleges who wanted to sign Welch. After playing for Texarkana College while earning an education, Welch later signed with the Milwaukee Brewers in 2005.  In 2008, he performed in the World Baseball Classic before moving back to Texarkana in 2010 and committing himself to preparing local youth to have similar opportunities that he experienced.


Welch knew he had this innate athletic ability, but it wasn’t until he started personal training with the Brewers that Welch realized he had to dedicate himself daily in order to continue playing professional baseball. Those same principles are carried over into Welch’s XLR8 and personal training programs.


“I can help these kids do something special”, explained Welch. “We always talk to them about how there is another guy out there who is working harder and is going after that same job or goal.  It’s about helping these kids and helping their parents be able to pay for their kid’s college and education.”


XLR8 had 3 kids sign to play collegiate sports recently, and Welch is humbled by the trust that parents place with him and Davion Hall, Personal Trainer/ XLR8 Trainer.  Hall is a Liberty-Eylau alumni who later attended Baylor University where he played football for 4 years and earned a degree in Kinesiology.


“We love giving back to the youth and impacting someone’s life to make them smile,” said Hall.


XLR8 trainers aren’t limited to just training kids physically, they’re an emotional support system for young boys who are looking for a strong male role model they can trust and relate to outside of the home, even discussing faith when needed.  They’re building a family.


“We have kids who come back each year and we see that progress and it is so rewarding for us,” emphasized Welch.


Hall and Welch are building the whole child, from health and fitness to challenging children to better themselves and become leaders.  The principles they teach in the gym, like focus, commitment, and perseverance, are applicable on and off the field.

Dave Welch and Davion Hall encourage Beau and Whit Haynes during their personal training.
(Photo by Erin Rogers | TXK Today)

Whether its strength training, sports training or building a lifestyle around athleticism and health, XLR8 has everything an individual could want for you or your child.  


Programs offered include Summer Programs for children ages Kindergarten through 12th grade and beyond.  XLR8 has a college and professional program for those serious athletes who want to maintain or increase their strength over the summer.  Spots are limited and registration is open.


For more information, contact Dave Welch or visit


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