Book rental program saving students thousands at UofA Hope-Texarkana


Since its inception in August 2015, the University of Arkansas at Hope-Texarkana book rental program has saved students a total of $300,414. This represents average savings per student of $154.77. The program, created to help alleviate the high cost of college textbooks for UAHT students, is a success. “The book rental program has made it much easier for me to afford college, it has saved me over $300 this semester,” said UAHT student Jeffery Newton of Delight, Arkansas.

UAHT Chancellor Chris Thomason said, “The UAHT faculty and staff, in a focused effort to attack the single biggest cost barrier associated with attending college for students, have helped our students in a monumental fashion while fundamentally changing the campus textbook model. Their historic effort has produced a book program that saves students thousands of dollars.

For the first time, students will know with absolute certainty the real cost of their textbooks when they enroll, well before they start their classes.” Thomason continued, “UAHT has eliminated the ‘sticker shock’ at the bookstore counter that stopped so many students in their tracks even before the first day of class. Once you combine the remarkable affordability of the UAHT book program with our leading affordable tuition, there is no reason why any student cannot afford to start and achieve their educational dreams on our Hope or Texarkana campuses.”

For students who participate in the book rental program, the cost of textbooks for classes on the UofA Hope-Texarkana campuses is only $20 per credit hour plus tax. For example, the cost of a textbook for any three-hour course will be only $60 plus tax. “UAHT’s book rental program has been tremendously successful in saving thousands of dollars for our students. This program has cut the cost of their textbooks by about 75%. I am proud of the faculty and staff’s vision and innovation in seeing the needs of our students and addressing them,” said Vice Chancellor for Academics Laura Clark.

The program has been so successful that many other institutions across the State of Arkansas have contacted UAHT about implementing their own book rental program. In October, the college presented the program to community colleges from across the state at the 28th Annual Arkansas Community Colleges Conference in Hot Springs, Arkansas. UAHT Library Director and book rental program Manager Marielle McFarland stated, “Combining the book rental program’s innovative technology with purchasing books as economically as possible, puts UAHT on the cutting edge in saving students money.”

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