Bowie County Sheriff’s Office Arrests Three for Methamphetamine


Just after midnight on November 11, 2014, Deputy Kenny McMillen found a vehicle parked at the nature viewing area adjacent to the Elliot’s Bluff boat ramp. Finding it suspicious that a vehicle would be parked at a nature viewing area in the early morning hours, Deputy McMillen checked on this vehicle and found that it was occupied by two people. They were identified as Fredrick Dewayne Stephens, 38 years of age, of Texarkana and Dorothy Christine Dodson, 33 years of age, of Texarkana.

A warrant check revealed that both Stephens and Dodson had warrants for their arrest. A parole violation warrant was confirmed for Stephens and he was arrested. The warrants showing active for Dodson could not be confirmed. Dodson who is the owner of the vehicle she and Stephens were in, granted Deputy McMillen consent to search her vehicle. During the search several new and used syringes were located as well as one syringe loaded with a clear substance believed to methamphetamine and a clear plastic bag containing methamphetamine. Dodson was subsequently arrested.

At the time of her arrest, Dodson told Deputy McMillen she had more methamphetamine concealed in her under clothing. Deputy Michelle Carrier was called to search Dodson for the additional narcotics. Five more clear bags of methamphetamine were found in Dodson’s under clothing. Dodson was transported to the Bi-State where she was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance Over Four Grams and Under 200 Grams. Stephens was booked into jail for his parole violation and Possession of a Controlled Substance Under One Gram. Judge Gibson Hadaway set bond for both Dodson and Stephens. Dodson’s Bond was set at $20,000.00 and Stephens’ bond was set at $15,000.00 for his Possession of a Controlled Substance charge and he is being held without bond for his parole violation.

During Dodson’s arrest, she advised she would like for her common law husband David Wayne Duck, 65 years of age, of Texarkana to come pick up her vehicle. While waiting for Duck to arrive, Dodson informed Deputy McMillen that Duck had more methamphetamine at their home. When Duck arrived to pick up Dodson’s vehicle, Deputy McMillen asked him for consent to search his home. Duck agreed to let deputies search his house. Deputy McMillen followed Duck back to his residence and began his search. During this search, he recovered a clear bag containing methamphetamine, a set of digital scales and $3000.00 believed to be the proceeds from the sale of methamphetamine. Duck was arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance Over Four Grams and Under 200 Grams. He was transported to the Bi-State jail and Judge Gibson Hadaway later set his bond at $15,000.00.

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