C. K. Bender holding evacuation/reunification drill Friday morning


On Friday, November 6 at approximately 8:30 AM Liberty-Eylau ISD will hold an evacuation/reunification drill at the C. K. Bender Elementary campus on Buchanan Rd.

Students will be evacuated from the campus and bussed to the High School Rader Dome for parent reunification. Some parents and school staff will help practice the reunification portion. After the drill students will return to campus.

The evacuation drill is part of a comprehensive emergency management evaluation and revision for the district.

“We are evaluating our emergency plans system wide,” said LEISD Superintendent Roger Hailey. “We have had plans for evacuation and reunification, but we want to put them to the test so we can identify any deficiencies for problems with the plan.”

District personal met with Texarkana emergency management officials during the planning process and will be joined by representative from various Texarkana emergency agencies to conduct the drill.

‘We feel like we have a solid plan in place that will work during an actual emergency,” Hailey said. “However, we don’t want to wait until then to test the system, and our people.”

After the Elementary campus drill, district officials will evaluate and adjust the remaining campus’ emergency operations plans to ensure they are following the same protocols.

“You can never be prepared to prevent every situation,” Hailey said. “But you can at least work to ensure that if you have an emergency, everyone knows what to do together to keep our kids safe.”

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