Camp Gladiator: No Judgement, Outdoor Workouts Located Here in Texarkana


Camp Gladiator isn’t a new fitness program, in fact, Camp Gladiator was started in Austin, TX after owner Ally Davidson tried out for American Gladiator four hours before walking down the aisle to marry her husband. Later, she went on to win the entire competition, came home and used her winnings to create Camp Gladiator. Coach Brittaney Dunkin, lived in Fort Worth for some time when she fell in love with Camp Gladiator and became a coach. Camp Gladiator or CG for short, was brought to Texarkana in May of 2020 by Brittaney and has been growing with trainers and clients ever since.

“We are not drill sergeants. In fact, we do this because we want to see our clients challenge themselves, grow in health and wellness, but especially in their mental health,” said trainer Quentin Willis. Camp Gladiator is not a boot camp in any way shape or form, in fact it’s a bunch of individuals getting together for outdoor workouts, while being helped, encouraged and supported through their trainers and other members. “A lot of our clients bring their children with them to workouts. It’s nice because they can let their kids play, or even join in on the fun, while not having to worry about childcare, and the kids tend to get really into it as well,” said Quentin. For those who struggle with going to the gym, or working out with the wrong fitness groups, Camp Gladiator is the best option for those in all levels of their fitness journeys. With classes that can be modified to your level, and with the help of personal trainers that you feel most comfortable with, CG is the way to go.

Camp Gladiator prides themselves on their strong mission: to positively impact the physical fitness and ultimately the lives of as many people as possible. CG meets throughout the Texarkana area in various locations including parks, parking lots, and indoor areas depending on weather. Clients can register online to become members. All clients have access to workouts at various locations around Texarkana, and anywhere throughout the US where CG is located. Anyone who becomes a member also has access to virtual workouts that can be done in the comfort of their home. If you are interested in learning more about CG take a look at the trainers located here in Texarkana.

Quentin Willis:
“I had been a personal trainer for years. However, I was working in gyms and not with groups of men and women, until Brittaney messaged and asked if I would be interested in becoming a coach. After some convincing I went to a few of the classes and was blown away by the amount of support and encouragement I could be doing as a coach for CG. I look at CG as a way to bring people from all walks of life together. People who have never met before come out and quickly become teammates through the camaraderie of their workouts, and encouragement of meeting their goals. I have clients who have lost a tremendous amount of weight, clients who have become stronger while maintaining, and clients who have built muscle and become stronger over the last year that I have been a part of CG here in Texarkana. A lot of my clients who have made so many positive changes were struggling to find classes, or gyms that could meet their needs, but now those clients are miles beyond what they were when they began. That’s why I am still in it and want to continue to do it. The lifestyle change and the group of people you get to meet are unmatched,” said Quentin.

Brittaney Dunkin:
“First and foremost, I am a mother. I have three children and I used to work a corporate retail job. I was always out of shape, in terrible moods and grouchy, until I found Camp Gladiator. When I joined CG I was able to not only get an hour of time with other people who have the same goals, but I could take my kids with me. I was not an athlete when I joined, and a lot of our clients aren’t athletes but that is what is so great about CG. You can be in any walk of life and join in and feel safe, encouraged and supported. What began as a way for me to be healthier, mind and body, led me to a group of people that changed my life forever. My kids were able to see their mom become healthier, while also being there right next to me during my outdoor workouts and watching me work hard to achieve my own goals. Being able to do this has helped not only me, but has encouraged my own daughters to feel stronger, especially as they grow up in a society that creates so many body image issues for young girls. This has been the best journey I have ever decided to take, and I hope my future clients feel the same positive changes in their own lives when they come to our classes,” said Brittaney.

Kimberly Parker:
“I found Camp Gladiator as a camper while in graduate school in Ruston, LA. I was a certified personal trainer and about to graduate and leave Ruston to move back to Texas. I immediately fell in love with the community aspect, as well as the workout style/cycle. Being an athlete my whole life, I felt a little lost after college because I didn’t have anything to challenge me anymore. With CG, each time I showed up the workout was different, and my trainer pushed us past our mental limits Every. Single. Time. I was so sad to leave my CG family behind in LA, but a year after I moved to Texas to take a coaching/teaching job. It was then that I spontaneously clicked on a Facebook advertisement to apply to be a CG trainer, not knowing CG had (literally) just kicked up in Texarkana. As a trainer, CG honestly is a second family to me, campers and trainers alike. I am still teaching and coaching so I am only able to train early mornings, but I wouldn’t want to start each day any other way than with my people! The community that CG has brought into my life is unmatched by anything I’ve ever experienced. I am motivated and pushed by my campers, just as much as they allow me to motivate and push them! I’ve even run two half marathons in the past few months because of the push my campers give me. We are really good at holding each other accountable in the most loving way. My workouts are designed to push each individual to their personal best, whether they are brand new to working out or have been an athlete their whole life. Camp Gladiator truly is positively impacting so many lives and I am excited to see how much more we can grow and serve the community of Texarkana!” said Kimberly.

If you are interested in learning more about Camp Gladiator TXK and or trying out a class with one of the incredible coaches here in the Texarkana area, please visit the CG Website Here. 

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