Caring for Cattle, Customers, and Campaigns

Donnie Spriggs surveys the livestock (Photo by Erin Rogers | TXK Today)

Working full-time to manage Silver Star Smokehouse and Saloon sounds exhausting enough, but Donnie Spriggs wears many hats. Most recently, he helped Tom Whitten and Todd Fore with marketing their political campaigns. However, the most intensive job he has is managing a 40-acre farm of cattle and equine.

There have been 4 generations of Spriggs men who have been involved with farming in some way or another. Currently, Spriggs and his father coordinate taking care of the livestock while Donnie is at Silver Star. Having a farm is like raising a family, and oddly enough, it takes a village to care for them.

40-acre farm

The cattle roaming the farmland are approximately 6 months in age and 400 lbs in weight, fuzzy and full of spunk. Spriggs keeps the calves until they are around 700 lbs and then they are shipped off to the next phase of processing.

“Livestock is like caring for children,” explains Spriggs. “You’re constantly making sure they have plenty of food and water, along with making sure they all stay healthy,” admittedly getting attached to some along the way.

Spriggs is thorough and meticulous in all of his businesses, from managing Silver Star to caring for livestock. He knows the intricacies of the agriculture industry.

(photo by Erin Rogers | TXK Today)

“A lot of people think cattle farmers and other people in the livestock pump steroids Into cattle, but that’s just not it. It’s all based on the natural feeds and grains that are mixed together. “

Spriggs has thirteen registered Santa Gertrudis cattle. The cattle belong to Mark Coleman who lives and breathes the cattle industry as a cattle buyer. This industry is very esoteric and requires knowledge that is passed down from friends and family.

“I’ve made many connections in this industry, such as Mark Coleman who is just like an uncle to me. Others include Daryl and Tommie Livingston of Livingston trucking, Michael and Heather Coleman of Coleman Chevrolet, Gary and Renea Heintschel of Heintschel Truck tire center, and many others.”

Spriggs comes from a family heavily involved with the Future Farmers of America. He and his family attend FFA auctions in Hooks and Redwater yearly, keeping the business alive, looking for the next calf to purchase.

This knowledge of farming and livestock care crosses over for his love of food service. Spriggs is known for being a perfectionist at the restaurant and his work ethic is garnering him respect.

“I have known Tom Whitten for many years with being involved in community activity. I’ve known Todd and his wife Joanna for around three years when they started dining with me at Silver Star.” He knew both candidates exemplified the same values he holds and helped spread their political messages by assisting with marketing.

(Photo by Erin Rogers | TXK Today)

At only twenty-three years of age, Spriggs works three jobs, up to sixty-five hours a week at Silver Star alone. Managing all of these responsibilities has instilled great patience and accountability within Spriggs. Whether is caring for customers, cattle, or campaigns, Spriggs can juggle them.

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