Catch the Final Performance of Pleasant Grove’s Disney The Lion King Jr.

Rafiki, Addison Smith, is excited to send Simba back to his home. The costume design by Paula Owens was beautifully done with bright colors and fun detail. (Photo by Susannah Linnett | TXK Today)

The crowd gathered inside the lobby of the Performing Arts Center at Pleasant Grove High School on Sunday afternoon as early as 2pm for the 3pm showing of Disney’s The Lion King Jr.

The line out the door at about 2:30pm before the 3pm show
(Photo by Susannah Linnett | TXK Today)

The line of theatre-goers stretched out the door and all along the tennis courts because this highly anticipated show boasted 230 students on stage and 35 backstage.

With only three performances offered, Saturday, December 9th, Sunday, December 10 and Monday, December 7th, it was advantageous that the theatre holds 1,000 seats to accommodate the large crowds. The cast not only consisted of the high school drama students and the Pleasant Grove Showstoppers, but also the entire 5th grade class, including 9 homeroom classes.

This Junior version of the Tony Award winning Broadway musical is available for schools to perform and has only been available for a few years. The difference between a full version and a Junior version is the length and the difficulty of songs and harmonies. The music makes it easier for children’s voices.

Nala, played by Caroline Joyce, is comforted by the lionesses before
going off to find more food for the lions and the hyenas.
(Photo by Susannah Linnett | TXK Today)

As the seats filled, Director Debby Sutton came out to welcome the audience and explain that students would be entering from the aisles.

“These kids have been working since August to present this show for you.”

Assistant Director, Allison Morriss Wright, explained a little about the rehearsal schedule.

“So much work has gone into this production, from the costumes and set, to the choreography and lights. The actors have rehearsed at least eight hours every week.”

The story follows the Disney cartoon closely, but also includes new songs written for the Broadway musical. The costumes were bright and imaginative and used detailed masks and even puppetry for a few of the characters.

Adam Bone, Mufasa, shows Reagan Adams, Young Simba, the kingdom that
he will rule someday from pride rock.
(Photo by Susannah Linnett | TXK Today)

If you’d like to see the show, there is still one performance this evening at 7pm. The show is free to view, but it is recommended that you get a ticket at the Pleasant Grove office to make sure you have a seat.

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