Chamber Cash Mob Today!!!


The second cash mob will be taking place TODAY at 4:00 PM. We’ll be meeting at Reggie’s Burger on State Line then we’ll head over to the mob location once it’s announced. Everyone is asked to dress comfortably and spend at least $10. There will be special promotions at the “Mob” location.

This is open to the public so we’d love for everyone to spread the word!

For more info about this, and other future events: TexarkanaCOCFaceBook

So, you may be wondering, “What is a Cash Mob?” Well…

Cash Mobs are flash mobs, but instead of singing and dancing, we spend money as a group! We target Chamber businesses that make this community special! We help businesses grow, we make people happy, and we have a great time!

The mob location will be announced at 4:00 PM today. Attendees are asked to spend $10-$20 at the business.

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