Christa Shockley Memorial Endowment Established at UAHT

The family of Christa Shockley present a check for the establishment of the Christa Shockley Memorial Endowed Scholarship at the University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana.  Pictured left to right:  Samantha Shockley, sister; Kayleigh Shockley, sister; Tonya Shockley, sister; Alessa Penwell, niece; Eugenia Shockley, mother; James Shockley, father; Alaina Shockley, sister; and Chris Thomason, UAHT Chancellor

The University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana is proud to announce the establishment of the Christa Shockley Memorial Endowed Scholarship. Christa, a former, beloved student at the U of A Texarkana campus passed away on Thursday, February 2, 2017. This endowment was created by the diligent fundraising efforts of her family, church, UAHT faculty and staff members, and E-Z Mart, Inc. to honor her memory.

Christa attended Church at Beech Street First Baptist Church where she volunteered her time to help at vacation bible school. She also worked during Parent’s Night Out events at BSFBC and volunteered with KLFI TV helping to film and run cable for high school football games. “She was always willing to serve where she could,” said her mother, Gina Shockley.

Shockley graduated from Genoa Central High School in May 2014. She began her college education at U of A Texarkana in fall 2014 and planned to pursue a degree in film. Her goal was to become a movie editor. Christa also worked at Texarkana Regional Airport as a night security guard and at E-Z Mart. “She liked to help people and loved hanging out with friends and family. She juggled church, volunteering, work, school, family, and friends and made us all feel important in her life.”

“Christa’s faith in Jesus is what gave her the ability to be the inspirational joy that touched the lives of each person she met. She enjoyed everything about her life. Her family, friends, work, and education were all important pieces of Christa’s sparkly personality. She would want to help someone working hard to better their life through education, which is what this scholarship aims to do. Just as Christa had many working parts that made her so unique, so has the makings of this scholarship. We would like to thank every ‘working part’ for their contribution that brought the Christa Shockley Memorial Endowed Scholarship into existence.”

“Christa was a driven student who worked hard for what she had and knew where she wanted to go in life. She also was the type of student who encouraged others and was a positive influence to those on our campus. Her shining smile and infectious, bright outlook on life have been missed greatly at UAHT,” said Loni Taylor, UAHT Instructor.

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