City Council Approves Sesquicentennial (txk150) Committee


The City of Texarkana, TX City Council met for their regularly scheduled city council meeting on Monday, March 14, 2022 to approve a new Ad-Hoc Sesquicentennial Committee, named txk150. This committee will be responsible for planning activities for the 150th anniversary celebration of the first city lots sold in Texarkana on December 8th, 1873.

The committee is made up of 10 people, five from Texarkana, TX and five Texarkana, AR residents, all who are uniquely positioned to help the city celebrate its history and legacy.

“The continuity and growth of our bistate city over the past 150 years is a monumental occasion to celebrate,” Co-Chair and President of The Texarkana Museums System, Velvet Cool said. “We look forward to planning wonderful events that will educate, engage, and encourage our community to strive towards future growth.”

The txk150 Committee plans to release a calendar of events on December 8, 2022, that will highlight yearlong txk150 events in 2023. Many events will be specifically organized and held by the committee. Additional events may be held by organizations and businesses that would like to get involved. Those organizations and businesses are encouraged to fill out an online form to have their txk150 themed events added to the calendar. All events must be family-friendly for inclusion on the calendar and the deadline for submissions will be November 25, 2022. To submit your organization or business event for the txk150 calendar please complete the form at the following link,

For more information, please contact:
Keith Beason at 903-798-3901/ or
Velvet Cool at (903)793-4831 /

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