City demolishing four houses on W. 18th Street

House being demolished at 18th & Milam (photo by Field Walsh)

The city of Texarkana, Texas is demolishing four houses on W. 18th St. this month.

According to Texarkana, Texas public information coordinator Joel Cooley, 2106 W. 18th, 2110 W. 18th, 2124 W. 18th, and 1802 Milam are all being demolished this week.

Cooley says that typically the city tears down two houses a month or 24 every year, but since these are all in the same block they are doing four this month.

To learn more see the interactive map on the city website that is broken down into 3 categories: structures that have been demolished, structures that are scheduled for demolition, and the rest of the substandard structures in the City.


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