City health inspector suspends Bryce’s Cafeteria food service permit


The Texarkana, Texas city health inspector suspended the food service permit for Bryce’s Cafeteria restaurant Wednesday around 5 PM. The restaurant is now prohibited from serving food.

According to a letter sent to the restaurant from Lynn Henry, Director of Inspections and Codes, the reason for the suspension was due to the restaurant failing their third health inspection in 10 days. In the most recent inspection conducted on Wednesday Bryce’s scored a 54.

When the establishment can comply with the Texas Food Establishment Rules, the food service permit will be reinstated.

According to the inspection report multiple items were out of compliance. Coolers were not properly cooling, to go area not hot holding properly, gloves were not properly used, bread in rotation was molding, multiple food contact surface were not clean, and handles on coolers were not clean were just a few of the violations. View a full list of violations below.

View the entire Inspection Report .pdf

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