Commissioners Court Continues Without a Hitch


January 12, 2015 | Bowie County Commissioners Court convened for the first time this year with a new County Judge, James Carlow. He was sworn in on January 1, 2015, and he lead the Commissioners Court for first time since his re-election in November.

The Commissioners Court proceeded with business as normal with an easy agenda. The Commissioners Court passed the following resolutions:

#3: The Drug Court Grant Resolution required a name change to the new County Judge. Passed.

#4: The Domestic Violence caseload grant application was passed.

#5: The court accepted the Third and Fourth Quarter Report and Racial Profiling Report from Constable George Huggins. Passed.

#6: The court passed the resolution to approve the application for the Texas Community Development Block Grant Program for the Oak Grove Water Supply. This allowed for area to replace the 2 inch pipe with 6 inch (and eventually decrease to 4 inch at an unknown distance).

#7: The Commissioners Court passed the resolution to nominate and vote on member of Board of Directors of Riverbend Water Resources District. Judge Carlow resigned from the Riverbend Water Resources District once he was re-elected. The court nominated and voted for Jim Green.

#8: This agenda item was pulled from the schedule. This agenda item stated “Consider ant take action to approve Bowie County Technology Policy.

#10: The Commissioners Court passed the agenda item to consider and take action re: payment of accounts payable. Judge Carlow abstained from the vote because the accounts payable including an item from New Holland Tractor.

#11: The Commissioners Court passed the item to approve and amend minutes.

#12: Motion to adjourn passed.

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