Woman caught with cash, drugs in tampon box indicted in Bowie County


A Texarkana, Texas, woman accused of hiding drugs in a tampon box and cash in a locked box was indicted Thursday in Bowie County.

Sonya Littles, 47, was allegedly driving a white Chevy Silverado down West Seventh Street in Texarkana, Texas, when she was pulled over for a traffic violation Sept. 19. Littles allegedly handed Sgt. Chris Allison a state identification card when he asked for her driver’s license and proof of insurance, according to a probable cause affidavit.

Allison noticed that Littles’ hands were shaking and her voice was “quivering” as the two spoke. Littles initially told the officer that her male passenger was her boyfriend but she couldn’t recall his last name. A sleeping child in the car’s back seat wasn’t buckled up and Littles gave a conflicting account of where she had been earlier in the night.

As Allison waited for dispatchers to run Littles and her male passenger through a warrant check, he asked her about her drug use. Allison had allegedly had contact twice with Littles in the several years during which she admitted to using methamphetamine. But Littles denied she had used drugs in six to eight years.

“Littles stated, ‘Look at me, you can tell I don’t use,’ as she grabbed her lower abdomen,” the affidavit said.

Allison decided to have his police canine, Barry, walk around Littles’ car. The dog alerted to the rear passenger door of the truck. Next Allison searched the Silverado.

Inside various purses and a locked box, Allison recovered $9,441 in cash. Small clear bags of what appeared to be methamphetamine were found with some of the money found in Littles’ snake skin hand bag. In a camouflage purse, Allison discovered bags of meth in a container of breath mints and in a box of Virginia Slims cigarettes as well as a set of digital scales.

Under the rear passenger seat, in a box of Playtex Sport tampons, Allison found two large bags of suspected meth. Littles was arrested for the drugs and her passenger was taken into custody on outstanding warrants. In all, 325 grams of meth were recovered during the stop.

A Bowie County grand jury indicted Littles for possession of methamphetamine between 200 and 400 grams, with a prior felony conviction. If convicted, Littles could receive five to 99 years or life in prison. Her case has been assigned to 202nd District Judge Leon Pesek.

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