Downtown Texarkana “On Track” to Have New Restaurant.

(Photo by Erin Rogers | TXK Today)

David Peavy, the owner of 1894 Ritchie Grocery and the 1894 Second Saturday Trade Days, is in the process of buying a 1939 Pullman lounge car.  The Texarkana Native owns ArTex Electric Company and Service First Electrical and Plumbing and is eager to take on what he hopes will be a new go-to destination in downtown Texarkana.

The train car, also known as the Super Chief Concho, traveled between Los Angeles and Chicago throughout the 1940’s.  The stainless steel, art deco style train car is equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, lounging area, dining area and a bar.

Inside the 1939 Super Chief Concho
(Photo by Erin Rogers | TXK Today)

Peavy was fortunate to discover the opportunity to purchase the train car when a church member, John Singleton, mentioned it was for sale.  Singleton bought the train car in 1981 from AMTRAK and the car now sits behind the Texarkana Regional Airport awaiting renovation.

The $200,000 projected investment will transform the train car into a fully operational restaurant.  The restaurant will sit parallel to Front Street, across from the 1894 Ritchie Grocery.  Peavy hopes to have a deck above the car where visitors can overlook Front Street and railroads while dining.

The train car project ties into the origin of Texarkana, the heart of downtown, the railroads. Peavy’s off-the-rails idea has the potential to highlight an asset of Texarkana, allowing for others to discover or rediscover their love for the history of their community.

“I think that by doing this we can change the landscape of Texarkana and say that we made a difference.”

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