Dr. Beverly Rowe Receives Outstanding Historic Preservation National Award, “Lifetime Dedication to Historic Preservation” at Lonestar DAR Awards Ceremony

Outstanding Historic Preservation National Award – Dr. Beverly Rowe, “Lifetime Dedication to Historic Preservation” (Photo by Erin Rogers | TXK Today)

The Lone Star Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution (Lone Star DAR) presented their annual awards to a diverse and accomplished group of community leaders of all ages.

“We are blessed to have so many talented individuals who contribute to our community in a variety of significant ways. Lone Star DAR is proud to recognize and support their achievements,” said Lone State DAR Regent Tammie Duncan Blackburn.

The Lone Star DAR awards presented were as follows:

DAR Good Citizen Essay Contest Winner – Marli Grace Garrett, Senior, Hooks High School, $1,000 Scholarship to attend Stephen F. Austin

Outstanding Historic Preservation National Award – Dr. Beverly Rowe, “Lifetime Dedication to Historic Preservation”

Outstanding Conservation Award – Annemarie Sullivan, “Art of Regenerative Agriculture” Project

Outstanding Media Award – Sabrina McCormick, KTKX Radio Reporter, “TXDAR State Regent Interview on the Historic Preservation of Texas Governor’s Wives Gown Collection”

Outstanding Veterans Project Award – Grant Alexander Rommel, “Video interview of three World War II Veterans”

Outstanding Women’s Issues Project Award – Ali Milligan, “Period Empowerments” Project

Outstanding Youth Writer – Hollan Borowitz, “Live Without Labels” article published in the Tiger Times

Lone Star DAR Junior American Citizens Contest Winners are as follows:

• First Place State Poster Contest – Wyatt Boyette, 3rd Grade Morriss Elementary

• First Place State Poster Contest – Rebecca Colemen, 4th Grade Morriss Elementary

• First Place State Poem Contest & First Place South Central Division Contest – Laila Rose Toubia, 5th Grade, Morriss Elementary

• First Place State Short Story Contest – William Porterfield – 9th Grade, Atlanta High School

• First Place in State Community Service Contest & First Place in South Central Division –
Community Service Group Contest Participants:
Sara Jayne Burroughs, 8th Grade, Pleasant Grove Middle School
Alexis Hopper, 9th Grade, Liberty Eylau High School
Bailey Williams, 9th Grade, Harmony Grove High School

“Lone Star DAR has promoted the missions of historic preservation, education, conservation and patriotism for well over a century in the Texarkana area. We are proud to continue our work today throughout our local community by making meaningful contributions to these timeless missions,” said Lone Star DAR Historian Andrea Williams McCoy Lone Star DAR Awards Ceremony Today.

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