The Education Opportunity Center Provides Snow Cones and Education Assistance to Local Residents


The Education Opportunity Center hosted the first Chat and Snack event at The Rosehill Neighborhood Network Center (NNC) and the Housing Authority of Texarkana, Texas (HATT) on Tuesday, June 20, 2017. They provided snow cones, Educational Opportunity Services, admissions application assistance, academic guidance, financial aid services, and much more to the residents of Pecan Street Apartments.

HATT has been partners with Texarkana College for several years in order to support their residents’ educational goals. Through the Texarkana College Educational Opportunity Center (EOC), the opportunity is available for them to give our residents information regarding academic and financial assistance to ANY college or university of their choice.

On a weekly basis, an Educational Opportunity Specialist walks around door-to-door at our properties for two hours in order to inform and offer this assistance to our residents and their families.

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